Leesburg and Loudoun County Virginia Orthodontist

Welome to the orthodontic practice of Dr. Robert Strange and Dr. Matthew Hancock. Our practice has been treating children, teens and adults in Leesburg and Loudoun County since 1986. We have served the community for over 25 years, building a strong reputation among patients and local dentists.

Dr. Strange and Dr. Hancock have a patient-centered, hands-on approach to orthodontics. At each appointment the doctors spend quality doctor-patient time to treat their patients, give treatment progress updates, and answer questions. We enjoy spending time really getting to know our patients and their families.

We have a conservative treatment philosophy, and we take pride in giving our patients an honest and straightforward opinion about their orthodontic needs. We prefer to treat our patients in a single phase of treatment when possible, which minimizes the overall treatment time and cost for our patients. We focus on developing lasting relationships and helping our patients achieve beautiful, healthy smiles.

Along with providing great care for our patients, we care about our community. Dr. Strange and Dr. Hancock live and work in Leesburg. Both doctors are actively involved in the community, and our practice sponsors local events, sports teams and charities. We're committed to serving our patients and strengthening Leesburg and Loudoun County.